One of the best things I did in college was to stay organized. Creating an organizational system at the beginning of the semester is VITAL for being productive and meeting deadlines later in the semester, especially during exams. Here are four quick tips and ways that I stayed organized in college.

1. Buy the Right Supplies

When buying school supplies, be sure to remember a few items to keep yourself organized while studying. These can include a pencil case that is functional and not too big or small. Make sure there’s room for your favorite pens, pencils, a highlighter or two, and even a stapler.

I liked to buy a single 100 page notebook for each of my classes. This way, all of my notes for one class were always bound together and I didn’t have to waste time in or out of class flipping through pages of notes from all the day’s classes. Pro tip: color coordination is key. Pick one color for each class!

Much like the notebooks, I dedicated a separate binder for each class, nothing too big though – usually, a 2-inch binder worked great.

2. Use a Planner

A lot of students rely on the syllabus or even just their memory to keep track of assignments. Don’t make that rookie mistake! Get a planner and use to write down assignments, homework, and important dates. During the first week of school, I would sit down and make a system for my planner that would help me stay organized. During the syllabus week I’d also take each class’s syllabus and put all of the assignments into my planner so I wouldn’t have to think about it during the semester.

3. Organize Your Chargers

This is a simple step that can save your sanity in the long run. Collect all of your phone chargers and use washi tape to label them. Create a designated label for a car charger, a bed charger, a desk charger, and an on-the-go charger. This is seriously a lifesaver because you never have to worry about finding a charger. The key to this tip is not moving the dedicated chargers from their area. Keep your car charger IN YOUR CAR. This way, you always have a full charge no matter where you are!

4. Use a White Board

Buy a white erasable board (small or large both work) and hang it somewhere you will see it every morning. Then, whenever you have an important note or reminder, jot it down on the board so you can remember it for the next day, week, etc. This is perfectly used in coordination with your planner. Use your planner for detail and your whiteboard for big reminders: i.e. MATH EXAM ON TUESDAY!

Implementing any or (hopefully) all of these quick tips are a sure way to help lead to a successful new school year while also helping you keep your sanity come exam-time.

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