How to Start a Travel Blog

How to Start a Travel Blog

Travel blogging is a fairly common goal for a lot of people. There is something freeing that comes from the idea of blogging while traveling the world. And, it isn’t actually as hard or unachievable as you might think. In this blog, we’re going to look at the blogging (not financial) aspect of starting your very own travel blog. The article will include some of my own tips/tricks on how to get started and find inspiration.

Create Your Blog

First step is to create your blog: pick a hosting service, make your layout, design your pages. This can be such a fun step. There are a so many options for creating your blog. There are super easy options, like creating a account or there are more complex options like creating your own self-hosted site with WordPress. There are advantages and disadvantages to both but I would say that if you don’t have much time or money to invest, go with a free hosting services like blogger. If you have the time, money, and are serious about making your travel blog into a career, go with the self-hosted route and use WordPress or even something a bit more intuitive like SquareSpace. If this all sound a bit much, feel free to check out my post on how to create your own blog!

Different Types of Posts

There are so many different types of posts you can make on your travel blog. There are Journal/personal updates, Lifestyle, How-tos, and Informational/Tips. You can choose to focus on one specific type of post, like just personal updates of your travels, or you could even do a collaboration of all types.


Theses types of posts highlight your own experiences as you travel. Maybe you are going on a summer vacation to Europe. You’d use your blog to post updates about your trip. You would include maybe day-by-day or weekly updates including what you did and pictures. Think: journal entries.


A travel lifestyle blog would be similar to a personal blog but would focus more on the overall experience of travel. For example, you could talk about certain aspects of travel like how you pick clothing for a trip you are going on. Then provide pictures of the clothing as you wore it during your trip. A lifestyle blog would also include personal updates, as it focuses, as well, on you a a person/brand. There is a lot of flexibility with a lifestyle blog and it can also be easiest to gain followers and readers with this type of blog.


A blog with How-to posts is less personal and more professional. The goal with these types of posts is to inform and provide a service. Maybe you are starting a blog about traveling the country in an RV. A how-to post could be something like, “How to choose the best RV Site.” Of course you could also incorporate personal aspects into your How-to article by providing personal experiences and even pictures. There is honestly so much room to experiment and combine different styles, which is awesome.


This is the most formal type of blog post you can make with your travel blog. Usually an informational post would be very professional in terms of content, opting to inform about a specific topic rather than be a personal update. One type of example could be a post that explains the process of getting through airport security quickly, sticking to explaining steps to help readers and provide tips for them before their own trip.

Social Media

Social media is a big aspect of blogging and becoming a “successful” blogger. Why? You can’t just write, publish, and then wait around for people to stumble onto your amazing blog. You need to get out there and promote yourself and your writing! There are so many different ways to connect with other people using social media and I would recommend starting, at the very least, a Twitter account. Twitter is very simple to use.

Once you start your blog and create your Twitter account, you can make posts that announce new updates on your blog and include hashtags so that other travel bloggers can find and check out your blog. I’ve personally made a lot of friends and contacts by following other bloggers who are similar to me and my own blog subject.

* * *

Hopefully this gives you an idea about possible blog posts for your own travel blog and helps in some way. If you have any other questions or insights feel free to comment down below or even reach out via twitter (@radwritesam).

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