How To Stay Productive as an Content Creator

How To Stay Productive as an Content Creator

Creating content online can be an immensely rewarding and highly motivating job. There’s so much freedom to express yourself while creating fun content that others will enjoy. However, it can be easy to veer off-track and get distracted by other things when you work for yourself as an freelance content creator.

Whether you’re a freelance writer, YouTuber, podcaster or other digital creator – staying on task is going to be your biggest trial. So, how can you stay productive to meet your deadlines and stay on task? Lets talk a look at some great tips that you can start implementing into your routine today.

Set a Schedule

When you work for yourself can be easy to sleep in and start work at a different time each day. However, it also leaves a lot of room for procrastination and work delay. For example, you could say to yourself, “I am only going to watch one episode of this show on Netflix and then I’ll do some work,” and then next thing you know, four hours have passed.

Instead, assess what your days usually look like and find a block of time where you are most productive. For some people this could be early in the morning and for others this could be in the afternoon. Set aside a block of time each day for work and stick to that block. Soon, in your mind you’ll associate that block of time with being productive and getting work done.

Use a Planner

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Consider buying a planner to keep track of important due dates, daily tasks, and any reminders you might need while you are working. Using planner is a great way to free up some space in your mind for more creative ideas. Instead of worrying about remembering daily t0-do lists and due dates, you can record them in your planner.

If you don’t like the idea of a physical planner there are many great apps for planning and scheduling. Here are a few I found:

Google Calendar
Awesome Calendar

Have a Separate Workspace

If you are able to, dedicating a specific space – such as an office room – can help you separate work from relaxation while working from home. If you do not have the room for a whole room, even a dedicated corner with a desk and your work materials can do the trick.

Separating your work space from the rest of your home can help you focus your creativity by weeding out unneeded distractions. But don’t worry, you can enjoy your fun tv space or comfy bed while you’re on break!

Take Breaks

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Taking lots of breaks while working can actually be beneficial. According to studies, taking more frequent short breaks while working can actually help you focus on tasks for longer periods of time. So, especially if you are working on a large or difficult project, don’t forget to take breaks!

One great method you can consider is the Pomodoro Technique. With this method you take short breaks after working uninterrupted for 25 minute periods.

Avoid Distractions

Being a freelancer is convenient for working from anywhere – home, the beach, at disney world, etc. With a job that means you can work hard and play hard, it is important to avoid distractions during the work hard portion of the day.

Avoiding distractions can be done by avoiding social media, silencing your phone, putting on headphones to drown out other noises, and even not checking your email (depending on what type of work you are doing).

Reward Yourself

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With so many possible distractions while creating your own work schedule and working from anywhere, rewarding yourself can be a great motivator. If you need some encouragement to be more productive, setting a reward can be very useful.

If you are having a particularly hard time focusing, consider rewarding yourself with a special snack for lunch or a new movie at the end of the day. A reward can be something to look forward and also a fun way to encourage you to give your best effort.


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