Whether you’re a student or a professional, chances are you could benefit from better time management. Maybe you are neck-deep in schoolwork or in work assignments and can’t figure out how to manage your free time or get through even one assignment. No worries! Here are a few tips to help you manage your time and find some stress relief.

1. Productivity Apps

Using task apps that encourage productivity can help you stay on track and get assignments done without too much procrastination. One of the worst parts of managing time is deviating from a project by getting distracted online. Using apps that discourage procrastination can reduce stress by helping you get your work done.

My favorite productivity app is Forest. As you stay off your phone, the app builds a tree. Once you leave the app prematurely, your tree will die. But if you stay off your phone for the allotted time, you can build a tree and day by day, a forest.

2. Lists

This one is tricky because a list can either help or hinder stress. For some, a list can be very cathartic, acting as a way to track progress. For others, however, a list can be a record of failure if the list does not get finished (or even started). So, take this tip with a grain of salt.

If you are the type of person encouraged by a good list, use your list to track your progress. Seeing how much you are actually accomplishing in a day by crossing off items can be a real morale booster and can help you feel less stressed.

Looking for an online list/productivity app, my favorite is Anydo.

3. Fidget Spinner

I know, I KNOW. You are probably rolling your eyes or about to exit out of this list, but before you do let me make my case. The fidget spinner was originally made and marketed as a stress-relieving toy. When used as such, it can be very effective. I’m not saying you need to go out and buy an expensive or flashy spinner. In fact, buying a small unassuming fidget spinner means you can easily carry it around and use it in the office.

A fidget spinner could reduce your stress and help you get work done by reducing your pathological desire to take excessive breaks. No more need to take a quick walk up and down the hall – you’re free to get your last assignment done quickly.

4. Desktop Zen Garden

This is one of my absolute favorites! A desktop zen garden helped me wonders in college. This small toy sits on your desk and can be a great way to find relief from anxiety and stress in the office or at home. Not only does working on the garden act as a stress reliever, but it can also foster new ideas during productive breaks.

This may seem like it could actually eat away at your time, but it comes in handy when you hit an unproductive wall. For example, maybe you get stuck on a specific issue that has arisen, you sit at your desk and work on your garden for a few moments while you let your mind wander. During that time, your mind is recharging and you are more likely to develop new and creative ideas!

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